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Local Data

Hingham CARES is pleased to have a wonderful working relationship with the Hingham Public Schools.

We appreciate the opportunity to share Youth Risk Behavior Survey data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey

that is conducted in grades 7, 9 and 11, and we are grateful for the opportunity to survey students anonymously on occasion

to share with the community and help guide our programming.

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During SAMHSA's #NationalPreventionWeek, we were at Hingham High School during lunch and asked students to answer one multiple choice question: "What keeps YOU from using substances?" 175 students participated, and the results are displayed in the graph. It's clear our young people want to stay healthy, and refraining from substance use is a natural choice.
My friends don't approve - 1
My parents don't approve - 16
It's illegal - 29
I want to be healthy - 76
I don't enjoy it - 11
I might lose a sport or a club - 17
other - 10

("I like feeling in control." and "I'm straightedge." were the two written responses in this category)
eliminated because too many answers were chosen - 15

What keeps YOU from using substances.png

Click here to view Hingham's Youth Risk Behavior Survey results.

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