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Amy Tee has been a fixture on the Boston comedy scene for decades. In this raw and honest interview, she discusses the challenges she faced during childhood, what led her to pursue a career in comedy, how her battle with substances began and the ways in which she copes with her mental health today.


Amy grew up as an obese child who was teased and bullied incessantly throughout her life. Being thrown into lockers and called names was an everyday experience. After losing weight and beginning the pursuit of a lifelong dream to do stand-up, Amy slowly succumbed to an addiction to alcohol before hitting rock bottom and having an "aha" moment.


Today Amy is happily married and has a new career as an approved IOOV (In Our Own Voice) Presenter for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Through her presentations to young people and families as well as her work on stage, she has touched many lives. Amy describes the ways in which she has inspired others and been inspired by them as she seeks to live according to ECT: being responsible for the Energy you bring into the world and practicing Compassion and Tolerance.

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