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District Attorney Tim Cruz (L) and Sheriff Joe McDonald (R) with Kristen Arute at Harbor Media studios

It's only fitting that a new way of addressing the opioid crisis was launched in the birthplace of our country. Officials in Plymouth County, MA were at the forefront of this innovative approach. In 2015 when the number of opioid deaths began skyrocketing, District Attorney Tim Cruz and Sheriff Joe McDonald took a hard look at what was going on in their county and launched the Plymouth County Drug Abuse Task Force which brought key stakeholders from all sectors of the community together. This model was groundbreaking in its simplicity and has been replicated across the country. A true test of its effectiveness came about inadvertently during COVID when numbers began to rise again due to an inability to implement the in-person follow-up critical to the program. Tune in to hear more about this and the other work both of these officeholders are doing around substance abuse and prevention.

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