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Interviewing (left to right): John Jenkins, Sarah Holler and Rachel O'Connor who are students with the SADD program at Hingham High School

Sarah Holler, John Jenkins and Rachel O'Connor are students at Hingham High School, Hingham, MA., where they run the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) program. SADD is designed to provide students with the tools necessary for making healthy choices in a variety of ways, including around substances. Sarah, John and Rachel talk about the work they do as well as their experiences and those of their peers. They encourage other teens to surround themselves with a solid group of friends who support them regardless of the decisions they make around substances and describe the important role parents play in teen substance use.


Their knowledge on the subject is also on display. From brain development to the science behind addiction, these kids are a wealth of information. All three are hard-working athletes who are committed to maintaining healthy, active lifestyles which makes them really great role models for others.

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