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Linda is a former adjustment counselor with the Scituate Public Schools and is also the facilitator of Guiding Good Choices. She will provide tips for talking with teens about drugs and alcohol every Wednesday from now through the end of the year. ​

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"These posts will include key concepts from the Guiding Good Choices Curriculum developed by Dr. David Hawkins and Dr. Richard Catalano of the University of Washington," said Linda. "Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Catalano began their research because they were curious about why some teens are protected from addiction and other health issues and others are not. Through their research they found that parents can make a big difference in whether or not children begin misusing drugs and alcohol."


In addition, Linda will share ideas and strategies from her own experience as a family therapist and a school adjustment counselor.


We hope that Wednesday Wellness posts will provide you with food for thought as well as ideas and topics to talk about with other parents and with your family!


Community members who have questions for Linda or are looking for additional support can reach out to Hingham CARES directly at hinghamcaresboard@gmail.com. All correspondence is kept completely confidential, and individuals' contact information is never shared with anyone.