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Everyone has things in their lives that put them at risk for using and becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Everyone has things in their lives that can help prevent them from using drugs.

You can help to combat any risk factors that your child faces.


Research has found that kids who learn about the risks of drugs and alcohol from their parents are up to 50% less likely to use than those who do not.


How do you feel about a 13yo :

  • Trying a vape?

  • Drinking wine at a special family dinner? 

  • Visiting drug-related websites?

  • Accepting a ride home from a parent who has been drinking?


You don’t have to be clear about your views right now. It is appropriate to examine your views and it is expected that your views may change. Be clear about your views and get on the same page with anyone parenting your child before talking with your children.


  1. Did your parents give you clear messages about drug and alcohol use when you were growing up? What worked and what didn’t?

  2. Answer the questions above about your views of the 13yo.

  3. Talk with your parenting partner and your friends about their experiences and their views.

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