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Here is what we know from Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Catalano about what is a protective factor for kids when it comes to alcohol and drug use: 


Social factors...


BONDING: Kids who are bonded to their families are motivated to follow parents’ standards of behavior and make healthier decisions.


Q: What bonds kids to parents?

A: Open dialogue, learning skills, having opportunities and being recognized.


Individual characteristics of kids impact protective factors as well. Kids with resilient temperaments who bounce back easily from difficulty or adversity are better protected from exposure to alcohol and drugs.


Kids with a positive social orientation who are good natured, sociable and friendly are better protected.


The one factor that has NOT proved to help protect children is intelligence. Intelligence does not 

protect kids from substance use or misuse.


  1. Do you feel like you have open dialogue in your family with your children?

  2. Do you have concerns about the resiliency of your child or children? Why or why not?

  3. Have you worked with your children to feel more comfortable socially with adults and other kids?

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