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Laura Stack of Johnny's Ambassadors with a photo of her son Johnny in the background

Laura Stack of Johnny's Ambassadors talks about the risks of modern marijuana and its impact on the developing teen brain. Laura is extremely knowledgeable about the various new forms of marijuana (i.e. waxes, dabs, shatter), how marijuana differs in potency from even 10 years ago and the science behind marijuana's addictive nature.

Laura also shares her personal story. She is from Colorado and lost her son to suicide after he became psychotic, paranoid and delusional as a result of his addiction to marijuana. Johnny was only 19 years old. He had begun using marijuana products when he was 14 after trying some at a party at a friend's house. Recreational marijuana had been legalized in CO just two years before.

Laura's message is a cautionary one, but it is also one of hope. She has made it her mission to ensure that families are educated and that teens make safe and healthy choices around substances.

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