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Roger Oser has been principal of the William J. Ostiguy High School in Boston for the past 17 years. He brings his extensive background working with youth to his role. Ostiguy High is a recovery high school that was founded by Willie Ostiguy, who is a previous guest on this podcast, and it provides a safe and supportive school environemt for young people who want to make a positive change in their relationship with drugs and alcohol. The school works closely with school districts to provide a variety of interventions for students who are struggling. The landscape of addiction is always changing, once it was opioids and now it is marijuana, but the need remains the same. Roger and the rest of the staff at Ostiguy High work hard to help young people achieve their goals and guide them on the right trach for a bright and healthy future.

Listen to our podcast with the founder of William J. Ostiguy High School here.

Learn more about William J. Ostiguy High School at

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