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Part of family fun is planning to do things together. As kids get older they may voice objection to some ideas raised by other family members for family fun. Part of being in a family is doing things that you may not want to do because a family member really wants to do it.


For example: going on a hike, going to a museum, trying a new ethnic recipe or restaurant. Family meetings are a great place to make it clear that a family activity once a week/month is a choice that rotates between family members including the grown ups. Everyone agrees to go, not complain and keep an open mind.


Family members often find that they learn to like something new that they never would have chosen to do. This helps everyone feel a part of the family, learn flexibility and to think of others.


"The Kids Book of Questions" by Gregory Stock is a fun book to share as a family. Each page has a question that a family member can read and then everyone can take turns responding.


Sample questions are:

  • If you could permanently trade lives with one of your brothers, sisters or classmates, would you? And who would that be?

  • OR Would you rather have a job that you didn’t like but paid a lot or a job you loved that paid just enough to get by?

  • OR Would you kiss someone in front of your whole class for $250?


This book is a great example of ways to create open dialogue as a family.


  1. Order "The Kids Book of Questions."

  2. Propose the family activity to your parenting partner or friend. Do you think this idea might work for your family? 

  3. Explain the idea to your family and get input on activities that they want to do. 

  4. Do you have memories of participating in a family activity that you wouldn’t have chosen but you did enjoy? What was that activity?

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