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Take a moment to think about your child closest to age 10. What are your wishes and dreams for this child?


Previous "Guiding Good Choices" workshop participants have listed the following qualities that they hope their child will have:

  • self awareness

  • strong moral values

  • good health

  • good relationships

  • kindness

  • loyalty

  • honesty

  • a good heart

  • flexibility

  • integrity

  • respect for others

  • independence

  • empathy

Think about this child again. At what age do you think this child is likely to have to make a decision about trying alcohol or drugs? What is a typical situation that this child may be in where they would have to make that decision? What do you want them to do?


As parents, we want to be the positive voice on their shoulder when they make impactful decisions.


  1. Identify the closest to age 10 and discuss what you would like to see for their future with your parenting partner or a friend.

  2. List 3-5 qualities that you hope you child will have as they grow up.

  3. Talk about a scenario in which your child would have to make decisions about using drugs and alcohol.

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